AWC – The Hazardous Waste Specialists

Many businesses produce hazardous waste which if poorly managed is likely to cause harm to people, property and the environment. The collection and disposal of hazardous waste is controlled by law with strict penalties for non-compliance.

The term ‘Hazardous Waste’ refers to a wide variety of waste materials. Typical examples are paints, aerosols, oils, batteries and electrical waste (WEEE), but any waste with hazardous properties (flammable, corrosive, toxic, irritant etc) is likely to be classified as hazardous.

Some waste may not be classified as hazardous but will still require specialist assessment, collection & disposal.

We are an Environment Agency registered upper tier waste carrier & broker. Our team of experts will assess, collect and recycle / dispose of your hazardous or non-hazardous waste in a timely, professional, legally compliant, safe and environmentally conscious manner.